Domestic & Commercial Waste Removal in Kingston| Rubbish Disagreements

Richmond Waste Removals specialises in all areas of waste removal. From domestic services such as garden waste removal and house clearances to commercial waste removal and building site waste removal, we cover every aspect to ensure 100% customer satisfaction with our work. Our company has been operating in the Kingston area for more than 8 years. During this time, we have seen positive changes in attitude toward waste removal and recycling. However, research carried out by Churchill Home Insurance has also shown that rubbish and general waste removal attitudes also have a habit of causing disagreements.


In fact, according to their figures, 5.8 million people resorted to arguments and disagreements during the nine months prior to the survey. This whittles down to 11% of the population engaging in confrontations due to general waste removal issues. Of primary annoyance was people leaving rubbish outside of properties for a prolonged period of time.


While we always support house clearance projects in Kingston, it’s also equally as important to carry out home and garden waste removal at their conclusion. Unfortunately, while companies get held accountable for prompt and responsible commercial waste removal and building site waste removal, the domestic sector has more grey areas.


Further Issues & Annoyances


Coming in behind ‘leaving rubbish outside for too long’ were:


• Leaving rubbish out for neighbours to clean up (23%)

• Disposing of the wrong waste in someone else’s bin (22%)

• Leaving waste in bin bags that get ripped open by wildlife (20%)

• Allowing rubbish to build up without disposing of it (20%)


These issues surrounding general waste removal escalated 16% of the time. A common solution included reporting neighbours to the local council following an argument. In 5% of instances, arguments escalated further into physical altercations and calls to the police.


Here at Richmond Waste Removals, we take the hassle and inconvenience out of house clearance work and garden waste removal, ensuring the prompt removal of rubbish for a cost-effective price. With equal proficiency in commercial waste removal and building site waste removal, homeowners in Kingston can rest assured that we offer outstanding results and impressive customer service.


By taking our approach to general waste removal, property owners may also avoid having to pay legal fees. Churchill’s research also found that the average amount spent in settling legal disputes was £117, with 1 in 20 spending as much as £500.


Perhaps unsurprisingly, London was the centre of such disputes with 27% of residents having engaged in a row with a neighbour regarding rubbish. Fortunately, Richmond Waste Removals provides general waste removal services in Kingston and the surrounding areas!


With a proactive approach to house clearance and garden waste removal, as well as commercial waste removal and building site waste removal, homeowners in the region avoid the prospect of having property values fall because of piles of rubbish in the vicinity.


As a time-served specialist in waste management, we strongly advise clients in Kingston or any other London area to liaise with their local council if a civil conversation with a neighbour doesn’t resolve a rubbish dispute.


To discuss house clearance work, garden waste removal and commercial waste removal in Kingston, call us on 020 7101 3891.


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